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“Everybody wins. Especially you.”

“For only 98 shmucks, your life will EXPLODE.
Your life will not only explode, but you’ll probably turn into an early-stage advanced humanoid. But we can’t guarantee that. We like to keep things honest around here.”

Moral marketers.
Nuns and Cocaine, man…

Imagine this guy being able to say:
“Everybody wins, especially you.”,
and still manages to have restful sleep.

And these smarties are not just marketers.
These smarties are some of our friends:
- That friend who calls you to let you know he’s FINALLY bought an app on the App Store. Like he lost his virginity. “I finally did it…”
- Like that friend who pirates songs and says: “Ahh, they have enough money anyway. One album not paid won’t hurt them.”
- That friend whom you always mention that “You know, that thing you’re doing is a bit illegal…” And he answers: “Yeah, but it’s very hard to track me.”

But these smarties want to help YOU.
You did not ask for their help.
Out of the goodness of their heart, they decided to move OUT OF THEIR way and help YOU.

It’s just 98 shmucks?…

Just for fun.

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