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Permanent Break Mode

I don’t know about you, but I never had a break without wanting ANOTHER break. When it comes to breaks, I think the more the better.

Most of my breaks are taken outside, on my balcony. I like the fresh air.

But there’s always this guy sitting at the opposite of my balcony. He just sits there. Staring. Doing nothing. Just… stares.

No, really. I mean, he’s always there. Morning, evening, doesn’t matter, he’s there.

I want to take a breather from my work and stare at the window, he’s there.
I want to do my yoga on a sunny day, he’s there.
I want to smell the rain on an autumn night, he’s there.

Always there.
Actively doing nothing.

I thought: This guy is a grand-master-enlightened-being who just happens to live in my neighbourhood. The real deal you know, not your average Youtube Saints we see these days.

I hate him, though. He makes me feel stupid. Never met the guy, and he’s making me question things. The mark of a good teacher…

Guess my lesson is to learn how to activate MY “Permanent Break Mode”?

“Did you hear about Dan?

“Ooh yeah. Poor Dan.”

“Yeah. (pause) He’s finally reached Permanent Break Mode…”

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