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Not many things in life are as consistent as this: the more tired I get, the more stupid other people get.
Have you noticed that?

Try it.
Just go on social media for 10 minutes and you’ll feel like you’ve just come back from a 3-day-beer-festival.

There’s a trance-like quality to when you’re tired, though. Almost like a psychedelic. Most people look tired. I think we kinda like it.

Moms are the most tired. Always tired. Bags under their eyes. 5 coffees/day. They need a vacation from when they come back from the vacation.

Can’t do any courageous acts when you’re tired, too. Imagine Mel Gibson in Braveheart not feeling like being courageous:
“Ugh, not feeling it today, guys.”

And people take these smart drugs to stay awake. Marketers managed to pull another stunt: “Hmmm… how can we have the word “smart” and “drugs” in the same sentence.”…

But “stupid” is a harsh word.
Tell me you’ve never thought about going back in the past and say to all those teachers who called you stupid:
“I’m sorry, I think you are probably referring to the fact that I am mismanaging my current internal resources, right?

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