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Most of the time I find myself in a state of confusion.
There are many solutions to this, thank God, but nothing compares to the KING of ALL solutions: Fast Food.

Whenever I want to experience that instant transition from “total confusion, apathy, and boredom” to “crystal clear enthusiasm” I go to my nearest MickeyD’s and wait in line with my fellow Speed + Pleasure aficionados.

Weird how grown men and women are ashamed because they can’t stop involuntary swallowing.

“Uhm, yeah… I would like a double-ch (chokes)… Excuse me. And a Big Mac… and (swallows). Uhm.. tehehe.”

Only in Christian churches can you see this amount of shame and guilt at the same time.

But now I can order it at my door.
No more shame sharing with my chemically adventurous colleagues. Now I can debauch my way into clarity in the comfort of my home.

Nothing more fun than Speed + Pleasure.

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